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AwesomeAuthor.com was founded by Franklin D. Pratt, a Federal Employee and Management and Program Analyst. The company was founded based on a speech given by President Bush regarding Social Security. In his speech President Bush said that he wanted to change social Security and use the Federal Employee's Thrift Savings Plan as the model.

Franklin's Mother wanted to know how she could participate in the Thrift Savings Plan or invest in a similar manner. AwesomeAuthor's Thrift Investment Plan is a research project Franklin conducted for his mother outlining how to build a safe and profitable portfolio. Franklin's mother used this investment plan to fund a portfolio that will be used for her grand children's college education.

AwesomeAuthor.com uses LuLu Technologies for its content delivery.  LuLu was founded in 2002 by Bob Young, who was the co-founder of Red Hat, the world's leading open source company.  LuLu is a technology company that provides tools on the web that allow AwesomeAuthor.com to publish and sell its research materials.  LuLu also allows AwesomeAuthor.com to accept online credit card processing through PayPal in a secure environment.

The online ordering process requires you to create a LuLu user account using your E-Mail address.  This is so your order may be tracked, processed and if needed provide customer support.  AwesomeAuthor.com and LuLu adhere to the LuLu privacy pledge.